WELCOME, come on in and browse my selection of delightfully fun and spirited jewelry. I hope you find a piece that "speaks" to you. My spirit guides me as to what I create, no two pieces will ever be exactly alike. I am always creating new pieces, so visit often and follow me on Facebook to stay up to date on my latest listings. Please contact me with any questions you may have.

I'm a graduate from the MD Institute, College of Art, I design and create Art Jewelry. My pieces are one-of-a-kind and made with a variety of materials using various techniques.  Great care is taken in creating each individual piece, whether it's made from fine or sterling silver, copper, or beads. Each one is a precious piece of art.  Some items may be created by using a pattern or will include unique beads made by other artisans, I will state this in the description. Any beads or objects included in my designs I have chosen as my favorites and quantities are limited, most often the one and only.

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